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Reference examples from our product range:
Edelstahlbehälter Stainless steel tank with insulating jacket
Bergebehälter Containers for NH3 drums, inspected according to ADR and RID regulations
Flussbett-Kühler Process water cooler housed in a fluidised bed and designed to cool process water in the tubes with circulating chilled water
NH3 Abscheider NH3 separator for a refrigerated warehouse in Hamburg
NH3-Abscheider NH3 separator, ø3.500 x 5.000 mm zyl. high
Thermosyphon - Verdampfer Thermosyphon – evaporator with separator
NH3 evaporator ø1600 x 7.500 with separator ø900 x 6.000 / 1.724 inner tube ø25x2 mm
NH3 evaporator, flooded, with separator
ø 800 x 4.000 mm, 2124 inner tube, ø25x2 mm,
ø1.600 x 5.000 mm
NH3-Verdampfer NH3 evaporator ø1600 x 7.500 with separator
ø900 x 6.000 / 1.724 inner tube ø25x2 mm
Ölabscheider für Schraubenverdichter Oil separator for screw compressor
R23-Trockenverdampfer R23 dry evaporator, min. temperature -75°C
Material: 1.4571, medium to be cooled: Dowtherm J
R134a-Verflüssiger mit Kompensator R134a condenser with compensator
R507-Verflüssiger R507 condenser, ø900 x 6.000 mm
with 977 high-performance finned tubes and R507 header
ø1.400 x 5.000 mm
Rohr-in-Rohrboden-Einschweißung Tube-to-tube sheet welding
Tube ø25x2 mm, 2-layer weld with WIG machine
Umlenkkammer beschichtet Deflection chamber, coated, 2-3 mm, impact-proof,
for seawater-resistant RSW chillers
R134 A-Verdampfer R134A evaporator with integrated refrigerant separator,
with high-performance Cu finned tubes

Ready for transportation!
3 R23-Condensers, 3 R23-Receiver, 3 R23-Subcoolers

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